Sunday, June 8, 2014


Early one morning I was lying in bed asking the Lord to help me get over this word. I was still choking on it, my whole body tensing whenever I anticipated the word coming out of someone's mouth. Even now, when I check the circle for Marital Status on a form, there is still the thought, "This can 't be real."  It wasn't in the plan to be in this category of women.

But here I am - a widow.

"Lord, help me re-frame this word." I mused on it throughout the morning and settled on this: Widows are women  "Walking In Dependence On a Wonderful Savior." How quickly I relax now and even smile as my mind shifts to this acronym. The dark sadness of the word is replaced with comfort and security.

And that comfort lifted my heart as I spent a week in Chicago at the end of May, the last of my grief-processing trips. I walked down memory lane on the campus of Trinity International University (where Steve did his doctoral studies) and our church nearby. I relished blessed re-connections with many friends and extended family. My Wonderful Savior fed and restored my soul in different ways with each visit.

And now I'm back in Dallas - no more trips planned. But there is a big upcoming event - Amy will be delivering our first grandson sometime in the next two weeks or so. Amy is definitely hoping it will be sooner than later!

Mark & Amy

Thank you for your prayers for them, Cara and Mache, David and Ryan and me as we anticipate this Wednesday, June 11th - Steve's arrival day in heaven. 

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  1. Thanks for this Marcia! So glad God gave you the wonderful acronym that has been a help to you. Please know that are are praying for you and the rest of your family as the anniversary of Steve's passing approaches this week. Excited for you too as you wait for the birth of your first grandson! Blessings, Fred and Grace